18 June 2009

The Hexagon Blanket is Growing

The hexagon blanket is started!
It's going to take a long time to finish but I am really liking it....already know who is it for :)


  1. Wow it's gorgeous! You so have to teach me how to crochet.

  2. Hi I love your site. I crochet too but am only an amateur. Your stuff makes you look like a total Pro! I am particularly intersted in this design. I have just got engaged to my fiance who is a Dr (specialising in DNA and blood) and I am about to meet the inlaws for the first time as they have been travelling for a few years. I want to give them a special present and my fiance suggested crotcheting a rug. I think this is a lovely idea, but have been totally stuck on a design until I saw this one. It reminds me of blood platelets and red blood cells, I am thinking if I do it in reds - various shades, it will be very significant to them. Their son being a Dr is very important to them.
    Would love to hear your feedback

  3. Hi Gretchen!

    I think the blanket is a wonderful idea. I got the pattern from another crochet blog Áttic24...just goggle that and 'hexagon how to' and you will find it easily.

    She explains everything step by step so I am you you'd be able to figure it out and make something beautiful.

    Hope it goes well and you enjoy it, and more importantly that the in-laws love it! I would love to see a photo when it's done!!