28 June 2009

Birthday Yarn

Look at what I got from some friends as an early birthday present!
Talk about winning my heart, how happy am I!!
I see some scarfs in their futures...ha ha ha


  1. Greetings Sammy - what a really terrif site!
    Kudos to you and turing to natural therapies to heal your mind. When I went through a similar crisis it was hairbraiding that saved me and my mind - plaiting, braiding, fishboning, you name it, I did it. When I ran out family members, I would head down to the local Brethren school and offer my braiding services to the girls (who never cut their hair). They would look at me rather oddly, but I am used to that.
    Anyway I will get to the point of my email, for some time I have been pondering the idea of furthering my braiding capabilities to actually crocheting hair. What do you think? Pretty brilliant I know. And what I wanted to ask you was for some tips on this and maybe some how too lessons. I have contacted other crochet, knitting sites in the past, but have never had a response. I am not sure why not, I really think it could be the next big thing in hair, especially if we got to the stage where a celebrity would let us do it on her.
    Looking forward to your response.

  2. Ha ha ha.....

    Hi Angel Hair! What a completely out there idea, I love it! I think the trouble that you'd run into is that you'd need a really long amount of hair.

    Perhaps you should try and start crocheting a little with yarn first, then you'd get more of a feel for how much hair is needed?

    Happy to help in any way! :)

  3. Hi Sammy, thankyou for replying to my query. You sound like a really nice and caring person. The more I think about it the crazier it sounds. You're right I will practice with some yarn first before I get too ambitious.
    Thanks again, you are the crochet Queen!

  4. Good Luck Angel....hope you love crocheting as much as I do xxx