29 November 2010

More Hexagons

I just can't seem to get enough of these hexagons, found this yarn and couldn't resist buying it, then the hexagons started calling.....so here is another hex blanket in the pipeline.....I do plan to finish one eventually! 

07 November 2010

Hexagon Life

Have finally felt inspired to breathe life into my hexagon blanket project......so far so good! 

12 October 2010

Octagon Blanket Grows

So far so good, I am completely in love with this project.....wish I could crochet faster, am keen to see the end product! 

02 October 2010

Starting the Octagon Blanket

 Am very excited about this new blanket I have started........

It's based on this pattern above, I not so keen on those colours so am making mine brighter but I love the design, aiming to get it done by Christmas

01 October 2010

Pastel Blanket

This is a single bed sized blanket, a Christmas present for a friend who love pastels
I'm really not so fond of these colours but since she loves them and I love her... I made it! I'm happy with the results in the end but am not keen to work with pastels any time soon

06 September 2010

Another Tissue Box

This one was made at the request of dear friends Nancy and Ai Sann for their class, they like flowers so I went with my new favourite African flower pattern

This is the top....there wasn't enough room to make flowers for this bit

22 August 2010

African Flower

Have discovered this delightful pattern called African flower, I love it!

10 August 2010

Tissue Box

Made this tissue box to brighten up my classroom and add a touch of home

26 July 2010

Holiday Hexagons

I made this beauty during my 2 week holiday...am not completely happy with the edge (something to definitely improve in the future) but overall love the colours and like the hexes!

25 July 2010

Meet Froggy

He's been made at the request of the talented Ginny .....enjoy!

He came from this cool book which was a gift from Cindy....thank you Cindy!!!

27 June 2010

Going to the fair....

I sold this blue and yellow baby blanket at the charity fair....so glad someone brought something!!!

And this is a little pink baby blanket I whipped up, I like the final product and it was nice and easy to make.

16 June 2010

Apple Hand Pocket Washer

Isn't it cute! you put your hand in the gap and use it to wash dishes and stuff...

new scarf

Nice light scarf made out of 100% cotton, really like this pattern, so beautiful and easy to make!

21 May 2010

Another Baby B

Am following this design, another fab Japanese number, I think the stitches joining the squares together look so interesting
Here, after some experimenting, are the colours I like the most together with the wool Nic gave me

05 May 2010

My newest student

Say hello to Anna :) She's my keenest student yet and works on this scarf before she gets out of bed in the morning!!
Isn't it looking great so far!

28 April 2010

Love this 'Wind Chime' pattern

Another baby blanket.....I think this design is really lovely so am making 2 with it, the yarn is a bamboo cotton mixture

20 March 2010

baby blankets

This blue one is suppose to be Rachie's baby blanket, but it's turning out way longer then I realised so think I may end up turning it into an adult blanket??
This pink baby ripple hasn't worked out so well :( it keeped growing at the ends and has a funny shape now, not sure what I am going to do with it!

11 March 2010

2010 CAL

Align CentreThese blocks are 30cm squared...they're part of a crochet along group I've joined on Raverly...we get a new pattern every month and at the end of the year we put them together to make a beautiful blanket. I make two squares a month so maybe I will make one blanket half year and one end of year....love how they are working out so far :D

18 February 2010

more cushion covers

Have come to realise that I have a thing for make cushion covers....not sure why but can't seem to stop making them!
Making this with a wonderful yarn 'katia costa rica' that I got in the Spotlight sale, really love it

15 February 2010

Slippers Done!

First pair of slippers complete! Am super keen to make some different slipper designs now....starting tonight :)

13 February 2010

starting slippers!

Have been wanting to make slippers for ages, am now taking the plunge (this is what they look like so far)
Found this awesome Japanese crochet slippers book at my local craft store...using that pattern
According to the book this is how cool my slippers are going to look by the time I am finished....ever hopeful!

07 February 2010

Flower Blanket goes on...

So far so good...am making this for a friend who loves flowers...am digging it more then I expected, hope she does too!
Still a long way to go....

16 January 2010

growing blanket

Little by little....I work on this one every now and then, like how it's going so far