21 August 2009

final stages

Getting ready to sew my blanket together, just need to make a few more squares

10 August 2009

More Babette

Have now finished all of the 6 rounds in my Babette, and most of the 8 too.....
I am steaming along with this blanket....feeling very motivated!

08 August 2009

Babette love

Have finally finished blocking rounds 2 and 4 of my Babette blanket....still lots to do...
but am loving the results!!

02 August 2009

The Babette continues...

I am totally delighted with this blanket already....it's the first 100% pure wool blanket that I have made so far and am really enjoy the texture of the wool as I work....
Am planning to block every square....as you can see with this blue and purple baby it really does look much better, it's painstaking work though!