29 December 2009

recycled cotton yarn

This face washer, towel and basket set using recycled cotton (Red Heart Eco-Cotton Blend) is one of my latest obsessions, I want to make hundreds.....as you can see haven't yet finished one. But fall in love with is now as it's probably your next gift from me....you will love it ;)

22 December 2009

cushion nearly done

Was rushing to get this done in time for German's birthday and made a mistake!!!
It really doesn't pay to rush :( so now I have to undo and redo the corner bit...*sigh* ...but it is going to look lovely when it's done :D

03 December 2009

Rag Rug

Have started on making my first crocheted mat, it's really not hard to do and looks quite good, but more importantly, it keeps my feet warm as my flat is all cold white tiles

Still have quite a bit of work to go on it but am very happy with the results so far..

01 December 2009

More Mongolian Scarfs

Pleased I was able to meet my goal of 4 (one further down on another post) hope they keep the children warm and, in some small measure, help them feel loved...

Baby Ripples

Have started a new baby blanket for a friend that is expecting....once again can't resist those ripples!