30 May 2009

Stina Liberty

This is my first attempt at a different kind of square. Spent ages working on the design and colours...trying to get it just right for Miss Liberty.
Pleased with the final product (Christmas present 2008) though now I realise I should of made it bigger....she's growing so fast! But Stina did like it so that's the most important thing :)

For Janet

Janet's Christmas present of 2007....had no idea what to buy for her, but being the best teaching partner I ever had I wanted to give her something special. This fits a single bed.

Cushion Covers

This turned into my first cushion covers, front (below) and back(above). Wasn't too please with the results in colour or design....but Virginia seemed to like them so when I was done I gave them to her. Plan to make her something nicer in the future

My first creation

Dee's leaving is what finally motivated me to finish a blanket...two of us are standing behind this trying to display the finish product for this pic. It's double bed size especially since Dee was going to the cold land of Melbourne. Wanted to keep her warm with my love....I miss you Dee!