28 June 2009

Birthday Yarn

Look at what I got from some friends as an early birthday present!
Talk about winning my heart, how happy am I!!
I see some scarfs in their futures...ha ha ha

24 June 2009

Beautiful Ripples

Am delighted with how the ripple blanket is progressing....half way there now

18 June 2009

The Hexagon Blanket is Growing

The hexagon blanket is started!
It's going to take a long time to finish but I am really liking it....already know who is it for :)

16 June 2009

Another Student :)

Meet sweet Ai Sann! She's just learnt to crochet today and is doing excellent! She's planning to make a scarf for her mum
Having to go to work without students has done well for my crochet club! Wonder how many more students I will have by the end of our two weeks...
Here I am in the middle, helping out some of my beginners....
Today taught Ginny this flower...the pattern was all in Chinese (I don't read Chinese!) so am happy that I manged to figure out how to do it then help her learn!! I love crochet

15 June 2009

More Ripples

Spent some time on the weekend working on my ripple blanket..
It's such an effective look, am really enjoying it!
Will take a lot more time before I am finished though

13 June 2009

I love red!

Here are some of the yarn colours I found and fell in love with during my visit to Oz, brought a few of each, have finally figured out what kind of rug to make with them....a hexagon throw!
Here is one of my first hexagons using my red colours, not sure if it is going to be vibrant enough though, so am still fiddling around with colours trying to figure it out....any suggestions?
Got the hexagon pattern off a crochet blog called Attic 24...really easy to follow and the hexagon throw there looks wonderful, very inspiring

12 June 2009

my crochet students!

Meet my three work mates that I am teaching crochet to....this is Fiona...
it's her first day learning today...hope she sticks with it!

This is my current teaching parnter Juliet....she's really hard working...
Here she is working on her first hexagon square...very good for a beginner!
She's made 7 squares already and is devoted to making a blanket...
...her completed hexagon....not bad for a first attempt!
This is my dear Virginia....I made her the ugly cushion cover and and now trying to make her the beautiful green one to replace it...her Nana taught her crochet too but she has forgotten...she's going well!

11 June 2009


Am a little tired of the green cushion covers so have decided to take a break and start on my first ripple blanket....am so happy with the results so far!

02 June 2009

In the works

Started working on Gin's cushion's (to replace the not so hot looking green ones from before)..
...can't really find many choices for green acrylic yarn in Hong Kong (sigh) ...but this was the best combo I could come up with...
This is my favourite crochet hook :)

01 June 2009

Happy Mother's Day

Started this in April 2009 during my Easter holidays in Perth, my first time trying the Vandyke pattern. I liked this colour combination and thought they were colours mum would like..
Poor mum, always forget her birthday and send late mother's day gifts and Christmas presents! Hoping this will make up for a few....finished in two months, and very pleased with how it turned out, hope she is too, sending off in the post today (it's getting cold in oz now)
Haven't really figured out how to take a good picture of the finished product yet!
The tassels were really tricky, Thank God for youtube, would of never figured it out from the pattern alone. Wish there was an English speaking crochet club in Hong Kong..

For Norma

So delighted with how this rug turned out!! Got the yarn off mum and dad as a Christmas present...took me from January to March 2009 to make....
didn't put on fringes, partly because I ran out of time, but in the end decided that the simple edging suited it better anyway. Made for Norma as a thank you present for having me and showing me around Perth during my Easter holidays. My favourite creation to date!

Milla's Christmas Present

This one only took me a month or two to complete, I was so happy with the finished product, thought the colours suited Camilla and it looked so vibrant when complete. 2008 Chrissy present