23 October 2011

crochet earrings

I'm happy enough with these as a first attempt at crochet earrings but have plans for some more interesting creations to come.....

12 September 2011

07 September 2011

Baby Ripples

Am completely addicted to these ripples! 
This is a baby blanket for a friend 

20 August 2011

Tea Party Time

 Some play food goodies made for a 4 yr old friend to add to her tea party set. The pictured set is mine, hers is a plastic princess one :)

05 August 2011

Joycee's Mustard Shawl

 This is my dearest friend Joycee, she loves the colour mustard (it's a mystery I know) so I made this shawl for her

20 July 2011

Brother's Blanket Finished!

Double bed size, finished just in time for him to take back to Oz for the winter

26 June 2011

Bunny Bride and Groom

Made at the request of a friend (pattern from Lion), fiddly work but fun to see finished

25 June 2011

Discovering Doilies

My first effort at making doilies....
I'm afraid I've truly turned into my Nana now, these little beauties are addictive to make 

06 June 2011

Yummy Cupcakes!

Decided I wanted decorations on my gate and was in the mood for cupcakes (but I don't cook) Isn't it a yummy looking door now...

21 May 2011

Scrap Blanket

Working on my first scrap blanket for a friend, am happy with how it's turning out but have now run out of scraps! Just using yarn from my stash now

04 March 2011

Granny Tissue Box

I fear I am turning into my Nana, but here it is, the granny tissue box! Nicely matches my sofa in the background :) 

27 February 2011

Blue Shawl

This is my first attempt at a shawl, I'm happy with how it turned out. The yarn is 'Milk Cotton' and according the the label the yarn is 35% milk fiber. Since it's made in China and everything else on the label is in Chinese who knows! The main thing is it feels super soft against the skin and the colour rocks!

21 February 2011

Pink and Purple Throw

A quick little blanket for the girls of the Z household who like to have blankets they can poke their little fingers through :D

04 February 2011

Green is Good

For my dear friend DD at Chinese New Year with love
 (she likes green best)