31 July 2009

63 and counting..

I am totally in love with this hexagon blanket...63 hexes so far...
I am actually considering keeping this one for myself as I love it sooo much :)
Have also started on a new project...a Babette Blanket...they are so divine, I can wait to make me a dint in it

24 July 2009


Have started a new blanket.....can't help myself....
even though I have so many started.... when the mood strikes me I just start another
Still have loads to go on this one, but am blocking the squares (as you see) as I go

14 July 2009

Purple is Pretty

My purple and white throw for my little sister is half done, still need to make more strands (you can see some on the left side of the picture) and then need weave them into the blanket. Am very excited....it's going to look cool when it's finished...it's for her 12th birthday.
On the ripple blanket front... it has grown!
It's actually big enough to be a throw now, but I am wondering....

.....should I keep going and make it big enough to be a single bed blanket? It's a gift for a nearest and dearest and am not sure what she'd prefer....your opinions are always valued!!

09 July 2009

Flower Cushions Finished!

Here is the front....the back is the same colour as the flowers on the front...
The flat back works nicely I think......these ones are a surprise gift to a beautiful, kind and generous friend
- with love xxx

07 July 2009

thanks Mum and Dad

Here is my birthday pressie from Mum and Dad....I really love the purplely yarn.....
and am planning to try one of the patterns in the book...what wonderful gifts!

05 July 2009

A big fat cushion cover

Yeah....finished at last! It took a lot longer then I expected. This is a shell pattern and the cushion size is 60cm x 60cm, you can see from the photo it's nearly as big as my sofa cushions!
This is for my lovely darling friend Gin...hope you (and your overweight cat) enjoy it!

02 July 2009

3D Flowers

Due to popular demand (i.e. my students) I have taught myself how to crochet 3D flowers
It's actually not too hard once you get the hang of it and is very satisfying to complete
Have decided to make cushion covers ....either these 2 designs, front and back on one cushion or....
....two cushions like this with a flatter back cover design....which would be best? Any suggestions??