24 June 2009

Beautiful Ripples

Am delighted with how the ripple blanket is progressing....half way there now


  1. Looks great! How do you stay so neat with no mistakes? Even when I knit a scarf it is full of holes..

  2. ha ha ha....there are little mistakes in there...but if I make a big one I unravel it all and try again :(

  3. Hi Sammy,

    What a great blog! And I love your work - so colorful. Do I detect a preference for Tunisian slip-knots? And what brand of cro-hook do you like to work with? Luv to know some of your secrets.

  4. Hi Betsy!
    Am so happy that you like my blog!! I use AERO hooks mostly...but found some beautiful coloured hooks once that I love, don't know the brand and haven't been able to find them again. I will have to look up what Tunisian slip-knot is and get back to you - I really am such a beginner, I don't even know... :)