01 June 2009

For Norma

So delighted with how this rug turned out!! Got the yarn off mum and dad as a Christmas present...took me from January to March 2009 to make....
didn't put on fringes, partly because I ran out of time, but in the end decided that the simple edging suited it better anyway. Made for Norma as a thank you present for having me and showing me around Perth during my Easter holidays. My favourite creation to date!


  1. You're so talented. It looks awesome.

  2. Hey dear Samarla ... what a neat new blog - I Must tell you that this is incredible work you've been doing! I should take a photo of the Christmas scarf you made for me in HK and send it along to you for posting .. I'm commenting on this post because Norma's blanket is my absolute favourite - but I am honestly blown away by all that you've made in just the past two years, and really beautiful, thoughtful patterns. BRAVO !

    sarah chan

  3. Very festive! Bet Vanessa & Ranjith would love this one!