21 August 2009

final stages

Getting ready to sew my blanket together, just need to make a few more squares


  1. thanks for your comments on my flickr page re. the lampshade , i only wish i could make the squares, i got them at a car boot sale, your work is really beautiful and inspirational , reminds me a bit of klimt....i am going to learn to crochet very soon,

  2. SAM, this is Sarah Chan ... I haven't checked in months but I have to say, you are incredibly prolific!! I'm simply amazed how you keep going, project after project ... and they are all uniquely beautiful!

  3. Oh I am completely inspired by the crochet lamp shade, I am already planning to make one, GREAT idea! You must learn to crochet, it's great fun!!

    Thank you the lovely Sarah Chan, any requests? :) miss you xxx