14 July 2009

Purple is Pretty

My purple and white throw for my little sister is half done, still need to make more strands (you can see some on the left side of the picture) and then need weave them into the blanket. Am very excited....it's going to look cool when it's finished...it's for her 12th birthday.
On the ripple blanket front... it has grown!
It's actually big enough to be a throw now, but I am wondering....

.....should I keep going and make it big enough to be a single bed blanket? It's a gift for a nearest and dearest and am not sure what she'd prefer....your opinions are always valued!!


  1. I saw your blanket at the Crochet Afghans Flickr group. It turned out beautifully! I'd make it big enough for the bed but maybe you should ask the person you're giving it to -unless it's a surprise gift!

  2. it's a surprise....but thanks for the feedback :)